Premium DNS

Starts at $2.99 / month

  • 99.999% uptime - guaranteed!
  • Always online via Secondary DNS
  • DNS Security using DNSSEC
  • Unlimited domains at an affordable price


  • 24/7 gateway to DNS experts
  • Applicability to all domains in an account
  • Embedded error validation
  • Most progressive log tracking and reporting
  • Ready-to-use templates for swift DNS updating
  • User-friendly online dashboard
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Applicable to All Users

No need to take a crash course or master coding just to familiarize Premium DNS. With our online dashboard, administer and update your DNS. You can also talk to our pool of expert support 24 hours a day and seven times a week.

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Cut Website Not Found Errors

The inability to visit a site is attributed to DNS issues, making your website as if it does not really exist.

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Narrow Security Gaps

With advanced DNSSEC security, we safeguard your website and your visitors from all sorts of hacking or stealing their personal details.

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On the Go with Secondary DNS

Primary DNS not functioning due to issues relative to power or the Internet? Good thing our premium service comes with a Secondary DNS to deliver your web address and make your site still accessible.

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Reasonable Rates

Only WHCW offers the most comprehensive and affordable solution in the industry. See our packages and dare to compare.

What is DNS and why do I need to manage it?

How DNS Works?

We have a solution to every problem. Trust Premium DNS to work on dependability, performance, and security to improve your website.

Seeking to maintain the privacy of all online exchanges? Premium DNS bars unwanted hijackers by verifying the origin of the site visitor.

Crackers stealing client data and endangering your website? Thanks to our Premium DNS equipped with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). This feature forms an indestructible networks of trust between the users browser and your server to ensure the visitor is surfing the right site.

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