Terms and Condition


  • This document outlines all acceptable business relationship between Netahost and the client. The client must adhere to the applicable law once the contract is enforced.

  • Additional terms and/or prerequisites are excluded in the contract unless stated otherwise.

  • Different organizations oversee numerous top-level domains (“domain suffixes”), which have varying terms for enlisting and managing such domains, sub-level domains, and the measures for resolving domain disputes.


  • A contract takes effect for an unspecified period of time.

  • Both parties may end a contract without proffering any reasons within thirty (30) days. The request can be made by sending a fax or writing a letter, or via online administrations area.

  • The company holds the right to nullify the contract in case the client neglects their payment obligation or violates the rules.

  • If the customer seeks to entrust his account to another user, he must send a fax or letter and secure our permission.

Profile and Personal Details

  • After registration, Netahost will assign a username and a password. Account details must be kept safe at all times. The client will be accountable for any result due to unauthorized usage of the account. If the client believes their account is jeopardized, they have to inform the company upright.

  • If the account is used for third-party abuse, the client will be held liable for all charges and damages relative to such a usage.

  • The customer must back up their data on a periodic basis. A complete data backup must be performed before making any modifications. Our server will only perform a data backup if included in the contract. The client, in the event of a data loss, must transfer the database to the company at no cost.


  • We execute procurement on the preferred domain. Netahost confirms the actual allocation of the domain name. The company also has no influence over the allotment of the domain.

  • Our data center has an annual average of 99% network availability in terms of infrastructure. We hold the discretion to prohibit access to the service in case network operations or maintenance is compromised.

  • The services are valid at the time the client placed the order, depending on the order details and the applicable special offers.

  • Should the client decide to register with online search engines, Netahost will only facilitate the process. The operators of such engines disclose for the date and time of allowing the client’s request to be integrated in their system.

  • System Policies supervise the technical aspect of this contract.


  • The client is responsible for selecting the content to be published on our website. They must also disclose their full name, address, and contact details.

  • The client is not allowed from publishing details which may violate existing laws or rights of third parties. They are also forbidden from posting or sharing degrading, obscene or offensive materials. We reserve the right to block access to the account if proven the client breaches this section. The same rule is applicable to those who release derogatory or illicit contents affecting the rights of individuals or groups of individuals.


  • Personal details will only be used for drafting, implementing or amending the contract. Client should update their private details in their profile area.

  • We only use email addresses for confirming orders, sending invoices, and responding to inquiries.

  • The company does not provide personal information to third parties except to our service partners which settle payment and billing with customers.


  • Netahost takes no liability for direct or secondary damages or lost profits due to disrupted Internet connection or technical problems outside our scope.

  • The company is not liable for any minimal oversight of contractual obligations in terms of contractors. We only cover gross or intentional negligence.

  • The client, whose web content violates section 6, shall be liable for all the resulting direct and indirect damages. Also, they agree to free the company from any claims by third parties due to illegal online content.


  • Prices may change without notice. Current rates for all our products and services are seen on our website.

  • The company has until five (5) working days to evaluate the offer and accept or reject the offer of a contract after receiving the order.

  • The client will pay a particular fee depending on the agreed terms.

  • We have the obligation to subtract default interest on all overdue payments. There is a 5% interest rate if the client is an end-user and an 8% rate if the client is an entity.

  • We also have the power to block the online existence of a client’s site and all other features if the client fails to pay on time.

  • All billing statements are sent via email.


  • The customer has the right to opt out of the contract within fourteen (14) working days for any reason. Withdrawal request must be made by sending a letter.

  • In case the client withdraws from the contract, Netahost will reimburse all payments we received from you within fourteen (14) working days. We shall carry out this reimbursement using the same payment mode you used for the transactions unless other payment mode is agreed upon earlier.

Concerns and Queries

  • Tor comments, concerns, or inquiries, email Netahost at info@netahost.com